R Team and Your Team Rone and the same.

With a variety of backgrounds and over 20 years of combined experience, we R a collective of industry professionals. We are here to serve R clients, R community and build heartfelt, creative campaigns. We can help you, whether you are opening a new business or are in need of a fresh buzz for your established one, we are here to meet your needs whatever they may be.

Emily Reynolds

R Founder

New York native, Texan by choice. Mermaid hair aspirant. Vintage shoe hoarder. Cycling junkie. Mother. Hugger. Boutique Hotel Seeker. Lover of all pink drinks.

Emily has garnered more than eight years of marketing and public relations experience through owning her own business, R Public Relations Firm, and also through her previous experience running her award-winning website Defining Delicious and working for the Jason Dady Restaurant Group in San Antonio, Bread & Butter Public Relations in Austin, and Bay Bird Inc in San Diego.

While helping businesses and brands flourish is Emily’s passion — with degrees in Psychology and Philosophy and a Master’s in Social Work — empowering her clients and her employees is what drives her. Emily can proudly say that each client she signs is one she admires and knows is helping the world become a better place.

Emily’s priority in life is enjoying time with her two children whom she calls “her peaches,” while simultaneously exploring the country seeking the next client for R Public Relations. As the helm of R PR, Emily’s philosophy on life and lifestyle are one and the same: if you are what you eat, drink and think, make it deliciously balanced.

  • @emilygr8cer

Julie Cohen

R Editor

Fort maker. Novelist. Stroller pusher. Amateur oenophile. Sour candy specialist. Library fine tycoon.

Julie is a freelance writer and editor who dots the i’s and crosses the t’s for all R PR content. Julie is the former Food & Drink Editor of the San Antonio Express-News, and under her editorship, its Sunday “Taste” section was awarded Best Newspaper Food Coverage in the nation by the Association of Food Journalists. She also has been awarded Best Drink Writing in the country by the same organization. Before moving to San Antonio, she was the managing editor at Sauce Magazine, a food publication in St. Louis, Missouri.

Julie received an MFA in nonfiction writing from Columbia University and has taught high school composition and British Literature, adult creative writing, and college writing at Columbia University, Washington University and University of the Incarnate Word.

  • @julieannacohen

Melissa Getchell

R Local Pitcher

Pluviophile. Shower singer. Teller of bad jokes.  Wildflower enthusiast. Amazonian mermaid magazine model. Sweets addict. Dog mom.

Born and raised in sunny California, Melissa runs on caffeine, faith, and pixie dust. She loves all things sugary and sweet, but balances her addiction with her passion for weightlifting and chronic illness advocacy.

After a 2-year stint at Boise State University studying media production, Melissa is graduating from UTSA with a BA in communication, which she mostly uses to find too much joy in proofreading. In order to feed her food obsession, she also has been a server for several years including at the Cheesecake Factory where, yes, she tried every single one In.between serving she has also been in a plethora of  printed publications as a model, and looks forward to bridging her modeling career, service experiences with public relations, at R Public Relations

When she’s not re-organizing everything twice, studying, slinging BBQ at the County Line, or picking up heavy things in the gym, Melissa dedicates her time to being a single mom to a loving but slightly insane pitbull rescue named Berkeley. The two enjoy binging on Grey’s Anatomy reruns, hiking (getting lost) on one of San Antonio’s beautiful trails, or basking in the sunshine over a game of fetch.

Crystal Henry

R National Pitcher

Pictionary champion. Sit-down comedian. Professional baby baker. Honorary Gilmore Girl. Wanderluster. Haro Queen

Crystal Henry, author of Naked Salsa and A Turtle’s Tale, is a freelance writer who is glad to be back in her native Texas land. She is a University of Florida alumna who stays true to her Florida writing roots through her work with Our Town Magazine and her award-winning column, Naked Salsa. She is a semi-crunchy mom whose work has been featured on sites such as BabyCenter, Scary Mommy, The List, Romper, eHow, LIVESTRONG and ModernMom.

Her world-domination-smart husband and two hilariously inappropriate little girls constantly provide fodder for her #preschoolproblems blog. But having two newborns of her own broke the baby fever that once burned deep within her. Instead she is renting out her oven to another woman’s bun and documenting her surrogacy journey with humor and honesty through her blog, Her Eggs My Basket.

Kody Melton

R Photographer

Pitmaster. Great Dane lover. Motorcyclist. Spurs fan. Carnivore. Nature aficionado. Family Man.

Kody is the genius behind the lens for R Public Relations photography. This San Antonio native has creatively combined his love of photography and great eats into a career, and we swear we can actually taste the dishes he shoots for our culinary clients. He has been shooting professionally for weddings, portraits and for the food and cocktail industry for more than 5 years. Locally, he shoots for San Antonio Express-News and The Current, but his most notable photo accolades include national magazines such as Travel and Leisure, People, Forbes Travel Guide and Playboy.

Kody loves people and being able to hold on to life’s little moments. Instead of “living in the moment,” Kody loves being able to relive each moment over and over through his photography. He lives a fast-paced on-the-go lifestyle that allows him the opportunity to try new things and expand his knowledge, but he is mindful to stay centered, and he knows that family and happiness are paramount.

Annie Mueller

R Graphic Artist

Coffee enthusiast. Painter. Necklace hoarder. Dog lover. Pisces. Collector of vintage skirts. Dreamer and doer.

Annie is the in-house designer at R Public Relations who finds the extra in ordinary things. Her eye for design led this Texas native to Manhattan to attend New York University. While in The Big Apple, Annie’s passion, talent and reputation in the design world landed her a gig with esteemed designer Todd Romano. It was while working for Romano that Annie was able to work alongside many of the greats in the interior design industry. Upon graduation, she moved back to San Antonio and began working with local interior design firm, Casey Roy Design.

Annie’s innate ability to make seemingly unrelated patterns, images and objects blend together has translated seamlessly into a career in graphic design. Her passion for travel and adventure have given her the ability to find inspiration in everything she does.

Drew Henry

R Digital Media Expert

Coffee addict. Dog meme expert. Meal prep fanatic. Donut connoisseur. Yogi. TV analyst. Goat lover.

A New Orleans native, Drew came to Texas for the tacos and stayed for the PR. He attended Tulane University and studied Communication Theory and Digital Media Production where he made a student film about the dramas of high school and wrote a thesis on Abercrombie models.

Since then, he has worked in film, radio, nonprofit, marketing, and even real estate and home design. With a creative eye and a desire for reaching out and helping people, Drew has become our go-to expert for all things social and digital media.

  • @pika_dru

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